44-270 Rybnik, ul. Górnośląska 94b
tel.: +48 32 42 11 777, +48 603 196 007
fax: +48 32 42 11 778
e-mail: biuro@eko-press.com.pl

EKO-PRESS, as a producer of chamber and membrane filter presses, provides a wide scope of warranty and after-warranty services performed by our highly-qualified staff. We assure proper maintaining of the machines, ensuring their long operating life. Moreover, we also modernise legacy presses:

In the scope of our services we offer:

  • Control systems maintenance
  • Electronic and mechanical faults diagnostics and repair
  • Transport, levelling and installation of machines
  • Machine technical inspections
  • Sale of spare parts
  • General overhauls
  • Replacement of filtration sets
  • Construction, hydraulic and control systems repairs

We take the responsibility for planning, installation and start-up of our machines, as well as for warranty and after-warranty servicing. Responsive and professional technical staff ensures full satisfaction of our Clients.

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